Loveshade Photos presents and shoots photos of babies, children including toddlers and
tweens/preteens, teens, adults, amateur models, families, birthday parties, graduations, animals, nature,
holidays, renaissance faires and historical recreation events, historical buildings, dance, gymnastics,
theme parks, water parks, beach outings, camping, etc.  While we do use prepared artificial lighting, we
work primarily with natural light and available light, shooting in both color and black and white.

We will be looking for amateur models of all ages including infants to toddlers to preteens to teenagers to
adults; girls and boys; men and women. We will also be adding more to this site.

All the Modeling information is useful for both Models and Photographers.

For now, we have:

LoveshadePhotos (Our home page--you're here)

How to Model basic information on modeling (also useful to photographers)
Model Release for adults (with no compensation--standard for beginning models who are of legal age)
Model Release for minors (with no compensation--standard for beginning models who are minors)
Model Release for adults (with compensation--usually only for working professional adult models)
Model Release for minors (with compensation--usually only for working professional minor models)
A blank
Model Information form for your use
A blank
Model Interests form for your use
Information on doing a
Photo Shoot

Exclusive Sample Photos
Amateur models (infants, toddlers, boys, girls, children, tweens, preteens, teens, adults);
graduations; birthday parties; amusement parks; water parks; beach; camping;
Renaissance faires; dolls; animals; Halloween; Dia de los Muertos; Christmas; Binky the
; original photo art.
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What is Loveshade Photos?
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