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Basic Advice for Amateur and Beginning Models:
How Do I Become A Model?
In one sense, the answer to this question is extremely simple: find someone with a
camera, and pose for them. You're a model!

In another sense, this can be a long, involved, and very expensive process. We will not
attempt to reproduce the information that you might get from a paid course in modeling.
We neither provide a modeling course, nor are we a modeling agency. But we can provide
you with some basic information that's also useful to photographers who want to work with

Please understand that this section does not contains all the advice you'll need to model,
but it can help get you started!
What basic information should I be ready to provide about myself?

Do I need to provide my hobbies and interests?

How do I choose a photographer? (COMING)

What should I bring to a photo shoot? (COMING)

What do I do before, during, and after a photo shoot?

What does a Model Release look like? (see below)
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