Here are just a few original sample photos for you to enjoy. You can click on each image for a
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Loveshade Photos
AURELIA was very excited about
modeling at age 12.  While she was
nervous at first, here she enjoys
posing in back of her home.
A HARPIST performs for the good
gentles gathered at the Renaissance
Pleasure Faire in Devore, California.
KAYLA enjoyed spending time in her
backyard at age 12, and liked posing
there for this shot.
DR. SINISTER CRAVEN greeted visitors
to his laboratory by Skull Cottage with a
meat cleaver on Halloween night.
DDANNWELLYANN or "Wolfy" guarded
Skull Cottage from Halloween
pranksters, none of whom looked as
scary as he did.
dress up for Halloween too.  Here he's
made a pirate eye patch out of, er, ever
hear of a panty pirate?
a ride in a wheelbarrow at Grandma
and Grandpa's place in the country.
LIANA enjoys hanging around home at
age 12, even if it occasionally means
hanging upside down.
A DOLL seems to walk in the girls'
bathroom window while the family is
gone, unaware of what the doll is up to.
SHIRLEY relaxes on the couch at home
at age 11.   Her mind seems to be a
world away.
DANCI, age 8, relaxes on the grass in
her backyard during a warm summer
TWO GIRAFFES diligently stand guard
on either side of a baby giraffe at the
Fort Worth Zoo.
Amateur models (infants, toddlers, boys, girls, children, tweens, preteens, teens, adults); graduations; birthday
; amusement parks; water parks; beach; camping; Renaissance faires; dolls; animals; Halloween;
Dia de los Muertos; Christmas; Binky the Wonderskull; original photo art.
Binky the Wonderskull: Panty Pirate?
Aurelia at age 12
Kayla, age 12
Danwellyn, wolfman security guard
Two adult giraffes and a baby
Shirley, 11, at rest
Harpist at the Renaissance Faire
Liana, 12, hanging around
Daniel and Josh
Doll in the window
Danci, 8, lies on the grass
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